Weight of Life

Workshop in contact improvisation for dancers

In this workshop we will use contact improvisation - a dance form that involves the exploration of bodies in relationship to others by using the fundamentals of sharing weight, touch, and movement awareness. We will create knowledge by and for ourselves. This is done through moving and sometimes moving in contact (or not), through moving at just the right speed, the speed of our attention and then also the speed of the attention of another. In this way we will learn about our edges, about balance and how we are out of balance, and how we can learn to enjoy being off balance. Perhaps we will learn how to be joyfully off balance with another.

Getting in touch with our moving, sensing bodies in this way is an experiment in sensitivity, in touchiness, in security and insecurity. As we move with others we will think together about control, when we think we have control, when we don't know whether we are in control or not, and what practices we might engage in to play with our various desires for control. As we play with sharing weight with others, we will think together about support, about standing on our own two feet, holding ourselves up, about independence and dependence, borders and mutuality. And experiment with sharing the weight of life so that it is lighter for all.

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Fra: 16-11-2018 15:45
Til: 16-11-2018 16:00


Dirch Passers Alle 4
2000 Frederiksberg


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