Wellsgoodness | bela | Yeong Die
Korean Ambient

Wellsgoodness | bela | Yeong Die


Wellsgoodness is an alias of the music producer and interdisciplinary artist Inwoo Jung from South Korea who is based in Cologne. / Album Release TACTO The Departure


bela is a musician/DJ who works in the cross-section of club music and experimental electronic music, based in Paju and Seoul, South Korea. They are touring the EU and UK following their performance at the Rewire Festival in the Netherlands. bela’s 2022 tour with okkyung lee and Yeong Die includes shows in Rewire Festival, Cafe OTO, the white hotel, A4 Bratislava and more. bela played as a DJ at clubs in Seoul, Tokyo, and Shanghai.

Yeong Die

DJ. Musician. Sound Artist. Visualist. She makes something funny and bittersweet, scary but something you want to see to the end. She has released albums <Pizzapi>(2018), <Threshold Value>(2020), <Parallel Cosmo>(2021), <Tomorrow?>(2021), <Weather Z>(2021) and since 2019 she has been experimenting with the way she listens to music, a series of 《だいだい dai-dai》.

Mehr Infos unter: https://weltkunstzimmer.de/korean-ambient/

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