Pine&Ginger @ KRZWL
2G Club Event

Pine&Ginger @ KRZWL

It’s been 20 months since our last club event and we’re thrilled to finally announce that Pine&Ginger is back in full effect at Galerie Kurzweil on Saturday, October 9t !

We’ll have the 🍍 DJs with us all night so get ready to turn up:
Triplet - New Sound Order - NaimaJane - RePhil

Please be aware that we have to guarantee ❗2G❗ at entry for the time being. That means you either have to bring proof of full 💉 vaccination or #COVID recovery 🦠!

Model: @kenobyzy
Artwork: @paracalo_of
Shirt: @astragendeideen

Datum & Uhrzeit



Galerie Kurzweil
Bismarckstraße 133
64293 Darmstadt