Lunattack & Elephant Memories


Elephant Memories ist eine Elektro-Pop-Band aus Toulouse (Frankreich), die auf Französisch, Englisch und Deutsch schreibt und performt.

„The masculine and feminin lyricists sing about inner and outer voyages, darkness and light, and the twists and turns of their life experiences. The music has the smell of escape from London to Longwy (in northern France). The voices and hypnotising riffs take the listener onboard for a long journey that is sometimes stormy and sometimes peaceful. The passenger-listeners will be soothed and shaken by fusion guitar, a waving bass, and a drummer-skipper holding the course.

The group began over ten years ago when Jean-Philippe (guitar, vocals) and Bruno (drums) started to perform under the moniker „The first time I saw an Elephant.“ Olivier (bass) joined in 2016 and Hamburg-native Barbara Duchow joined in 2018 under the project’s new name: „Elephant Memories“

Performances often include songs from their most influential artists (PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Pink Floyd) and from Barbara Duchow’s project: Lunattack. On stage, the band invokes stories to introduce songs and invites the audience to join in their journey, while the electro leaving some place for the improvisation.“

Date & Time


Doors open

From: 14.12.2019 19:00
To: 14.12.2019 20:00


Halle 424 Oberhafenquartier
20457 Hamburg