Dead Horse+++Neuer Termin+++

Dead Horse+++Neuer Termin+++

Tribute to Guns n`Roses

Einlass: 20:00
Beginn: 21:00

Biography Dorothea:
The German artist DORO is and will probably remain the most renowned female metal artist, known from the 80’s as one of the Heavy Metal genres’ few female performers, releasing 4 Albums up to 1987 together with Warlock. 1989 saw the release of her first solo album Force Majeure, subsequent releases bringing the current album total to 21 (2018).

DOROTHEA is a tribute band to Doro, formed in 2012 in South West Norway, the initiative coming from 2 ex members of the band SKALLEBANK, Stig and Victoria, both long time admirers of the talents of Doro, the Queen of Metal. Following much effort to fulfill the ambition, Dorothea featuring Doro’s & Warlock`s songs and songs covered by Doro e.g. Billy Idol, Judas Priest & Ac/Dc performed by: Victoria (vocals), Cato (guitar), Stig (guitar), Marius (percussion) and Reidar (bass) is a band that really ROCKS.

Dead Horse - Guns n Roses Tribute

Die - Guns 'n' Roses Tribute Band „Dead Horse“ aus Karlsruhe zum Ziel gesetzt, das Vermächtnis von
G`n`R am Leben zu halten und die besten Titel originalgetreu live auf die Bühne zu bringen.

Die Band wurde 2010 vom Sänger Bennie Bumm gegründet und präsentiert sich 2017 mit neuem Lineup: Remus Mailat (Guitar), Patrick Haschka (Guitar), Ralf Wenglein (Bass), Georg Schantze (Drums) und Anton Starck (Keyboard).
Dead Horse begeistert das Publikum mit ihrer Spielfreude und der energiegeladenen Performance und bringt das G'n'R – Fieber wieder zurück.

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Doors open

From: 02.04.2022 19:30
To: 02.04.2022 23:00


Lemmy`s Bar
Rathausplatz 5
74177 Bad Friedrichshall