Tehran Contemporary Sounds Festival

Tehran Contemporary Sounds was launched in 2018, through the organization of “Gate of Tehran – Days of Experimental Sounds” festival as a Berlin-based hub, for musicians, artists and collectives living abroad as well as in Iran, with the aim to bring together the different voices and forces of the big spectrum of the Iranian contemporary art and music scene, widely spread across the globe.
TCS will be dedicated to, creating a platform for showcasing the unique talents of the Iranian artists and musicians; creating a cross-border collaboration hub; facilitating a non-political, purely artistic and interdisciplinary dialogue;
This year, Tehran Contemporary Sounds Festival, in collaboration with Nullsight collective and Zabte Sote label, is bringing together some of the most important talents of the contemporary Iranian electronic/experimental sound artists and musicians, and digital and new media artists.
In the three days of the festival we’ll have a special showcase of the Zabte Sote artists. An exhibition run by Nullsight collective and a daily number of 6 audio visual performances in Kunstquartier Bethanien Studio 1.

/// More tickets will be available daily at the door in Studio 1 Bethanien. ///

Date & Time

From: 06.12.2019 16:00
To: 08.12.2019 23:45

Doors open

From: 06.12.2019 16:00
To: 08.12.2019 23:45


Studio 1 Kunstquartier Bethanien
Mariannenpl. 2
10997 Berlin