Ali Ghamsari, Mahan Mirarab, Reza Samani

A unique night of experimental fusion of Jazz, Iranian folk and traditional music. Three master-class instrumentalists and musicians meet up for a night of vibrant improvisations, creating an unforgettable and unforeseeable musical happening.

Ali Ghamsari (Iran) is considered one of the most distinguished and creative Tar players and composers of his generation. In his musical work he stays true to the essence of Iranian classical music, yet opens the horizon to contemporary influences and New Music as well as to fusion with Western and other musical traditions. His wide and diversified musical production comprises compositions for ensembles Sarmad and Hamnavazan-e Hesar and Iranian String Quartet (all founded by him) as well as co-productions with singers as Homayoun Shajarian or Mohamad Motamedi, as well as compositions for orchestra, musical theater, and animated film which he presents in performances internationally.

Mahan Mirarab is considered one of the pioneers of the contemporary Jazz music of Iran, bases in Vienna and releasing and touring with his many projects around the world. He has spent years learning about Persian music and the indigenous sound and cultures of Iran such as Arabic, African, Turkish and Kurdish music, while refining his skills in Jazz music. Notably using fretless guitar, he specializes in blending the oriental microtonal system with Jazz.

Reza Samani was born in Iran and started to study the classical percussion instruments of Iran Daf and Tombak as a child and later extended his skills with Udu and various framedrums. Besides percussion he explores the possibilities of traditional iranian wind

instruments such as Karna, Zorna and Neyanban (a traditional bag pipe). His repertoire

comprises classical percussion as well as folkloristic and through collaborations with great

musicians from other musical traditions as well as international performances and festival

participations he continues to widen his horizon with other percussive styles and traditions

Date & Time


Doors open

From: 24.11.2019 19:30
To: 24.11.2019 23:45


Ganghoferstr. 2
12043 Berlin