FLIPPER + Special Guest: (16)
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FLIPPER + Special Guest: (16)

"Till the Wheels fall off" Farewell-Tour 2022"

For the very last Time: San Francisco´s noise rock legends #FLIPPER.

Yeah you got it right. After over 4 decades on the road, several line up changes and a consistent number of releases on different labels over the years, Bay Area´s noise rock legends FLIPPER have decided to call it a day and celebrate the end of their career with 2 european tours, one in august and one in november.

Originally started by members of NO TREND & THE SLEEPERS in the spring of 1979 and with only 2 original members left today - Stephen De Pace (on drums) and Ted Falconi (on guitar) -

Bay Area´s "punk rock" legends FLIPPER need no introduction. Heavily influenced by #TheBirthdayParty, #TheVelvetUnderground, #Chrome, #PIL, #JoyDivision and #TheStooges to name a few, they have, throughtout their 40+ year spanning career, inspired a large number of bands with their unique slowed-down, bass-driven, heavily distorted and repetitive style of "punk".

In order to go out with a bang, they´ve recruited San Pedro´s rock legend and royalty #MIKEWATT to pull double duty. The man himself will - in fact - handle the low end and scream his lungs out. They will therefore perform as a 3 piece for the very first time!

On top of that, as the icing on the cake, San Diego´s underground veterans "16" (who recently put out their latest full length "Dream Squasher" on Relapse Records) will be greasing up the stage with their abrasive mix of west coast sludge metal and claustrophobic southern swamp rock.

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From: 17.08.2022 20:00
To: 17.08.2022 22:15


Rote Sonne München
Maximiliansplatz 5
80333 München

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