Verlegt ins Feierwerk: MAID OF ACE
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Verlegt ins Feierwerk: MAID OF ACE

MAID of ACE: All Sister Punk band from south-coast dirty Hastings UK! Spawned from the womb, brought up on rage picked up some instrument’s and started jamminn and a year later they played their first gig in 2005 at their school they all attended and been making a racket ever since! Sharing the stage with Buzzcocks, Bishops Green, The Exploited, The Vibrators, Vice Squad, Viv Albertine, The Adolescents, The Casualties and many other sick bands over the years!
These Four Girls will kick your asses!

Date & Time


Doors open

From: 09.11.2021 20:00
To: 09.11.2021 21:30


Unter Deck
Oberanger 26
80331 München