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+ Support: THE GAFFERS
Rock inside the Glock # 85

This Means War:
While everybody was celebrating the birth of punk 40 years ago, five guys from the low lands (Belgium and Holland) hooked up to form a brand new band known as This Means War! They have one thing in common: the love for punk rock. Far from rookies, they played in numerous bands before such as Discipline, Hidden Guns, Superhero Status and Convict. For several months in 2016, they locked themselves up in their rehearsal room and made plans to conquer the world with hard hitting punk rock anthems. This Means War! is not interested in reinventing punk rock music. They aim to blend their heroes (Cock Sparrer Official, Anti Flag, The Old Firm Casuals, Social Distortion, Noi!se, Street Dogs, The Clash) and give the mixture their own unique flavor. This Means War! combines Rock ’n Roll melodies with punk riffs and lyrics. That’s not always easy, but these punks rise above the challenges of it all, proving their experience will propel them forward. They are hungry like a bunch of wild coyotes and ready to hit the stage! From now on This Means War! is in your blood, 24/7.

Were a 4 piece hardcore punk.band from consett in Durham, been.under several names over the years the orators, king ignorant,ultracore currently from the gut.. Influenced by loads of bands our,sets,are mainly.of original material, also some classic punk.covers,we're always looking fir gigs and support slots!!! We travel any where!!!!

The Gaffers
Das ist junger, kompromissloser Streetpunk aus München seit November 2017. Mit Björn an der Gitarre, Jessica am Bass und Tobi am Schlagzeug und einer Leidenschaft für die Gitarrenriffs der 80er und den Kinohits der 90er.

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Doors open

From: 07.03.2020 20:00
To: 07.03.2020 23:00


Bürgerhaus Glockenbachwerkstatt
Blumenstraße 7
80331 München


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