Indie Perfumer Meet Up

Welcome to the first meeting of our new series INDIE PERFUMER Meet up!

This is an informal meeting for people who works on perfumes and scent designs in an independent capacity, from their homes or small labs. The idea is to get together and smell and sniff each other's compositions. This way we can provide feedback and exchange valuable information about ingredients, blends, special tricks!

Are you a scent designer, indie perfumer, artist, or just curious to learn more about what others are busy with in the fields on niche perfumery? You found the proper place, come join us at the Smell Lab!

The symbolic ticket fee will directly cover space expenses and blotters. If you are unable to cover the fee please contact us at and we will figure out a way together.

*** This event is intended to create a safe space to share knowledge and exchange positive impressions. It is important that brands are aware of this.

Date & Time


Doors open

From: 27.05.2019 19:00
To: 27.05.2019 19:30


Smell Lab Open Lab
Winsstraße 42
10405 Berlin