+ Metal vs. Gothic-Party
"Psychedelic music died with the 70’s but we remember its magic"

Three years after Nino moving from Portugal to Germany (1999), he started producing his own music inspired by indie and grunge artists of the 70’s and 90’s. Nino always loved the music and the attitude of the artists from the Club 27 but also QOTSA, Nick Cave, Iggy Pop...
His first musical creations were full of melancholy and as he liked the sounding of the word itself, he decided to call his project “melanculia”.
Long time before everyone became a singer-songwriter, Nino performed a lot of solo live shows (one man, one guitars). Later Din-Tah Aeon joined Nino on stage. Beside some live shows, Din was (and is) responsible for the recording and production of the albums.
Time passed, and other girls and drugs took part of Nino’s life and he began losing his trace for what he did with melanculia.
After a long and successful journey with his other band (Aeon Sable) he decided to come back to the roots to reactivate melanculia in November 2017.
Together with his bandmates Jo (Bass), Quoth (Guitars) and Drobi (Drums), Nino started appearing on stages surprising the crowd with melanculia’s very unique touch and powerful performances.

Date & Time


Doors open

From: 29.02.2020 20:00
To: 29.02.2020 21:00


Grendplatz 2a
45276 Essen