Golden Twenties
feat. Timcat, Balduin & Giuseppina Galloro

Golden Twenties

Let the sun shine and your booty swing.

In a time of prohibition, we host the greatest retro-tastic spectacle in town full of alcohol and sensual delights. We open our secret cabinet of curiosities for a glamorous world of gangsters, no-goodniks, movie icons, broadway stars and sex symbols.

Opening Pandora’s box, sounds burst from a long lost time of black and white traveling in Technicolor. Live-instruments are roaring on stage while wild dancers move ecstatically to the beat. Combining vintage and modern tunes we create an exciting Electro Swing show unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Every party we present you a lineup of starguests – dancers, show-acts and musicians.

✚ Entry only for people who are
- completely vaccinated or recovered (please bring certificate).
- tested (antigen rapid test, PCR Test; no self tests!).

✚ Masks mandatory when moving through the area.

✚ For tracing of contacts:
- please bring a prepared note with name, address, and phone number. We also have to record details of your corona test. All data will be stored confidentially and destroyed after 31 days.
- on entering the vicinity you can scan the QR-code of the corona warning app for checking in and out.

✚ According to current hygiene regulations we will take care of a safe distance among each other with overseers, marked spacings at the bar and box office, and distributing rubber bracelets in red (please keep your distance), yellow (talking's okay) and green (you can high-five me!).


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KulturquARTier Frankfurt e.V.
Borsigallee 24
60388 Frankfurt am Main

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- Bitte informieren Sie sich am Tag der Veranstaltung über die geltenen Hygienemaßnahmen und Zutrittsberechtigungen für Geimpfte, Genesene und negativ Getestete über oder - Ermäßigungen gelten für Schüler:innen, Studierende & Azubis. - VIP-Ticket beinhaltet abgegrenzten Sofa-Bereich neben der Bühne mit einem kostenlosem Empfangssekt (limitiert auf 20 Tickets).


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