1991-2021 "30 YEARS ON THE ROAD"

1991-2021 "30 YEARS ON THE ROAD"

2021: "In January 2021 Los Fastidios came out with the unreleased track "Solidari-Ska" included in the 7 "World Wide Unite Vol. 2 vinyl benefit compilation, shared with the bands What We Feel (Russia), My Terror (Germany), Mister X (Belarus) and produced by the german label Audiolith Records.

Los Fastidios born in Verona (north east of Italy) in late 1991 led by Enrico (well-known figure of the punkrock/ska scene and founder of the indipendent label KOB Records).

The Los Fastidios sound is a powerful melodic streetska&punk which mixes classical 80’s British Punk-Oi! sounds with a lot of skanking moments and some reggae, rock'n'roll, hardcore rythms with a touch of pop, sung in Italian with some touches of english, french, spanish languages and in the last album Joy Joy Joy also one song in german.

The lyrics come from the most cheerful street situations to more serious and involved matters which deal with social problems, such as battles against racism-fascism and any form of discrimination, for the human and animal rights, for freedom and against the capitalistic and oppressive system.

These last years, Los Fastidios have archieved great number of anti-racist intiatives and social causes,by taking part in various support gigs with collections in favour of Chiapas, Mapuche, for the workers, against racism, for the animal rights, against war, against capitalism and neoliberism, etc...

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From: 14.05.2022 20:00
To: 14.05.2022 22:30


JZ Westwerk 141
Atterstr. 36
49090 Osnabrück

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