The Good Bad (auf unbekannt verschoben)

The Good Bad (auf unbekannt verschoben)

“Hailing from San Francisco CA, The Good Bad have been a part of the exploding newgrass/bluegrass scene on the west coast since 2010. The band brings a raucous and high-energy take on the string band sound. Vocal Harmony and versatility is staple to their craft and they’ve honed it to deliver a good time sound that pushes the sound forward while staying rooted in traditional bluegrass. They have shared the stage with scene favorites like The Brothers Comatose, Della Mae, The Lil’ Smokies, Split Lip Rayfield, and Front Country. The groups unique character blend captivates on stage and connects with audiences of all ages. Influenced by traditional Bluegrass, Folk and high energy New grass, The Good Bad brings its own version of the string band dynamic and sound. Upbeat and strong rhythm mixed with firm lead vocal and acoustic breaks brings a clear and powerful sound.

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Wesendahler Str. 12
15345 Altlandsberg