3 Bands perfom "A night to praise Lemmy Kilmister & Motorhead" in their own music LITTLE VILLAIN (UK) Hard Heavy Rock'n'Roll LITTLE VILLAINS were formed in 2006 by none other than the legendary MOTÖRHEAD drummer Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor and Mr James Childs of AVON and bass player - Owen Street of desert rockers WAXY. The band plays hard and heavy rock and roll, that’s it! Unfortunately Philthy is no longer with us but, his music shines on in true Motörspirit with his exceptional performance on the LITTLE VILLAINS ‘Philthy Lies’ album proving his explosive drumming technique was more than intact many years after his departure from MOTÖRHEAD! Despite personal circumstance preventing the band from ever breaking out, it has now been decided that the music deserves to be heard with the band signing to HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS and will be represented by James , Owen & the very capable AIRBUS drummer Chris Fielden to continue the group’s legacy and grow.

CAVEM3N (SWE) Heavy Hard Proto Rock Cavem3n sind eine Heavy Hard Proto Rock Band von der Westküste Schwedens. Hauptäschlich ist ihr Stil beinflusst von Black Sabbath , Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Clutch und Kyuss. Die Band hat bereits vor knapp 2 Jahren in Mannheim gespielt und kehrt nun mit einem neuen Album im Gepäck zurück

EIGHT BALLS ON FIRE (DE) KIck Ass Heavy Hard Speed Power Punk'n'Roll from Mannheim This ass-kickin' 4-piece from Benztown Rock City do definitely play as if their balls were on fire! Duff Michaels Paine - Lead-Vox, Guitar and Starin At'em Till It Hurts, Tommy Lee Louder - Guitar, B-Vox and Hot Stuff, Dr. John S. Jones aka John Ass - Drums and Brutal Barrages and That Guy Who Always Shows Up Anyways, But Wasn't Good For Anything, So He Was Made The Bass-Player - Bass, B-Vox and drinking up all the beer shoot a barrage of devastating Rock'N'Roll riffs, bouncing basslines and messed up lyrics into the crowd, while barrels of beer are consumed and occasionally various parts of the interior incenerated! An allstar-team of (back-)stage-experienced motherfuckers, 8-Balls On Fire leave all the influences of their numerous other projects behind to deliver the pure In-Your-Face Rock'n'Roll sound that dominates their hearts and souls! If you get the chance to see them live, put on your fireproof underwear and GET YOUR ASS KICKED!!!

Date & Time


Doors open

From: 26.04.2019 19:30
To: 26.04.2019 23:30


7er Club
Industriestrasse 7
68169 Mannheim