BOING! English Comedy Open Mic!
Manuel Wolff & 6 Newcomer Comedians

BOING! English Comedy Open Mic!

the only english stand up open stage in Cologne!

BOING! Comedy presents:

The best Comedy producers in Cologne are presenting this very special show for all lovers of real english and american StandUp-Comedy. For all you expats, foreigners, native tonguers, lovers, haters or even Germans - this is the place to be to get your laughs!

We're opening the stage for anybody who would like to perform real authentic stand up comedy, as many have asked, where they could prove their craft.

What does that mean for the audience? It means you might see the next comedy superstar or some questionable acts. You never know beforehand, but it's all a warm atmosphere and we're encouraging everyone and there will be no heckling or booing, just many people from all around the world having a really great and funny night out.

The shows take place at the "Echtzeit - Grill & Thrill" - which in our opinion has the best ribs in town (and also the best beyond meat burger), so if you'd like to enjoy some great food before the show, make sure to come way before the show (and maybe also reserve a table for eating before the show at the restaurant directly).

We will ensure a safe environment. Please understand that the covid-restrictions valid on the day of the event must be observed.

If you want to perform on stage, write to

about ticket pricing: There are different categories, so you can pay whatever you want. Those who have more and want to support the arts can pay more.

Date & Time


Doors open

From: 02.04.2022 19:00
To: 02.04.2022 20:45


Echtzeit - Grill & Thrill
Friesenstraße 33
50670 Köln