The Gaslamp Killer

presents: Airplane Mode

The Gaslamp Killer kommt im November live ins Freund & Kupferstecher in Stuttgart! Freut euch auf eine energiegeladene Show des außergewöhnlichen Producers aus Los Angeles im Bunker am Berliner Platz.

Über den Künstler:

The Gaslamp Killer is the assassin and the antidote. His nickname wasn’t conceived out of thin air. William Bensussen is entitlement’s worst nightmare. His DJ sets bludgeon the basic shit, restoring music to a sacred place: shamanistic, visceral, honest, leaving pupils dilated and heads rolling. If you’re searching for sound as pure voltage, the GLK is the generator.

If you’ve caught one of his sets all across the world, you understand. In a cover story, LA Weekly called the Low End Theory co-founder and resident, “the most popular great DJ in L.A…. wowing both bro-step hordes and avant-garde diggers…any song he spins feels remixed to Richter-popping intensity.”

Resident Advisor described his shows as “the epitome of unhinged energy. Rock, jazz, bass music and funk are just as likely to be aired as hip-hop, as he wigs out with his now trademark dance moves.” Maybe you caught the aforementioned dance moves in the Apple commercial that aired during the 2015 Grammy’s. Or maybe you caught him at any number of the biggest international or US festivals.

Over the last several years, GLK has amassed a new arsenal of weapons. Once primarily known for his atomic live sets and hypnotic mixes, he’s evolved into a singular auteur. He can produce for himself and others, both on-stage and in the studio. Watching him conduct a live band recalls the frenetic genius of LA Philharmonic maestro, Gustavo Dudamel. The beautiful chaos is best distilled on his live album: The Gaslamp Killer Experience: Live in Los Angeles.

Datum & Uhrzeit



Von: 13.11.2019 20:00
Bis: 13.11.2019 22:30


Freund & Kupferstecher
Fritz-Elsas-Str. 60
70174 Stuttgart


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