Kid Simius

Kid Simius

It was Lou Reed, who inspired the young Kid Simius to make music, even though the native-born Spaniard is everything but the classic singer-songwriter. Kid Simius: meaning Electronic buttons, computers and mixed melodies pumping out of boxes. The 30 year old saw that Lou Reed, while not being the greatest singer and guitarist, made incredible music anyway. This encouraged Kid Simius to follow his own path - writing songs that don’t want to fit into just one specific genre. Kid Simius has hit the stage at international festivals such as Melt!, SXSW, Eurosonic, Sziget, Fusion, Tauron Nowa Muzyka, Benicàssim Festival and has played support for artists such as Major Lazer, Seed, Chrystal Fighters, WhoMadeWho and Marteria. Since 2009 Kid Simius, whose actual name is Jose Antonio Garcia Sollen, lives in Berlin. Moving to Berlin was his best decision but he says: „leaving my hometown in Granada was my worst.“This almost poetic disruption is what makes his music so special and he manages to tell stories with it, without being a singer-songwriter. For his latest release „The Flute Song“ Kid Simius teamed up with no other than electronic music heavyweight Paul Kalkbrenner. The collaboration works effortlessly and the global influences are tied together masterfully in both the Kid Simius original and the Kalkbrenner remix. This combination on the first single sets the bar high for the eagerly awaited Kid Simius album, which will be released in 2018, featuring many undisclosed and very exciting collaborations.

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