Wooden Shjips


Popanz präsentiert WOODEN SHJIPS (San Francisco US-CA, Thrill Jockey)

San Francisco's enigmatically named Wooden Shjips play a minimal, droning kind of garage band-influenced psychedelia with a noticeable '60s Krautrock influence. Almost unintelligible vocals slip beneath the waves of throbbing minimal rhythms while fuzz tone guitar and shrieking organ freak-outs jump to the foreground and draw you into their primal vortex. It's not a sound that everyone will love, but one that resonates deeply with former (and present-day) heads and hippies.

When bandleader Ripley Johnson (Moon Duo) put the band together in 2003 he wasn't interested in playing gigs or becoming famous. His original intention was to find a group of non-musicians and create music with them. The idea was that untrained players would have a brand new outlook on what music is and bring something fresh to the table, perhaps a blend of the often noisy trance rock of the Velvet Underground and the frenetic mania of the one-hit wonder garage punks of the early '60s. Bassman Dusty Jermier, for example, was originally recruited to play sax, an instrument he'd never picked up before. Other members from that first incarnation often had such a lack of interest in playing live for people the band didn't even bother looking for gigs. Eventually, the band settled down to its current lineup: Dusty Jermier on trumpet and bass, the instrument he's played all his life, drummer Omar Ahsanuddin, organ player Nash Whalen, and Johnson on guitar and vocals.


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From: 30.05.2019 19:00
To: 30.05.2019 22:00


Bumann & Sohn
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