Be small THINK BIG!

Everyone got an idea worth spreading!

Welcome to the second TEDxVaduz happening here in Liechtenstein! We are looking forward to an exciting day full of joy, deep talks, education, and of course, plenty of ideas worth spreading!
TEDxVaduz is about inspiration, positive thinking, networking with other 'changemakers' and, therefore, you and your peers.
Food and drinks? We got you covered!
So, join us! And deep dive into your personal Liechtenstein TEDx experience within the subject of 'be small THINK BIG!'

The TEDxVaduz team organizes the entire event on a voluntary and non-profit basis. All sales made with the tickets will be used directly for the realization of the TEDxVaduz event. For us, the people and the spreading of their fantastic ideas are our motivation, and at the same time, we want to support the community and the intercultural exchange.

To access the event it is necessary to provide a valid Corona Certificate (3G-Rules). This Certificate will be checked during the check-in of the event.

Date & Time


Doors open

From: 21.08.2021 09:15
To: 21.08.2021 10:00


Vaduzer Saal
Giessenstrasse 7
9490 Vaduz